My top 3 ways to rewild yourself #1 Wild Swimming

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing my top 3 ways to be a bit wilder… and up first is my favourite! – Wild Swimming…

It’s been in the news SO much this past year. Cold water swimming has provided an escape from the confines of lockdown. A miraculous remedy for the stress and anxiety experienced in every day life. (and a slightly annoying new trend for those that have no desire to get cold and wet!).

It is well documented that the benefits to our immune system are a positive reason to immerse yourself in cold water. It’s true when I speak to fellow swimmers we all have stories of how it makes us feel GOOD, how it reduces inflammation in achy muscles, how we don’t seem to get as many colds as we used to. But it’s not just physically beneficial. Mentally it improves our self esteem, boosts confidence, fosters a sense of resilience…. and brings a huge smile to our faces!

For me it is all of the above, but I’m also aware of something else…

By swimming in rivers, lakes or the sea you are utterly immersed in the natural world. Your senses are all on high alert and this overwhelming sensation, I believe, is a direct pathway to your wild self.

The sense of freedom that comes with being outdoors in water can often feel like you’ve done something radical! Your inner wild child has dared you to be brave and you’ve embraced the challenge. But I believe that during this process, we are doing something that comes very naturally to us all, and we are reconnecting with a long forgotten knowledge.

We all began life in water, a fluid nursery inside the womb. Lets not forget also, that our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water. For women, there is evidence to suggest that even our menstrual cycles are linked to the moon and the tides. So perhaps when we are in water, it feels familiar, it feels natural on a subconscious level. In these moments perhaps we are transported back to our “wild” and natural selves. By connecting with the wild OUTSIDE of us, we can reconnect with the wild INSIDE of us.

For me this is where I am most happiest, and my soul is set free.

For more information about the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor swimming click HERE

For safety advice, including the risks visit the Outdoor Swimming Society

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