My video has over 20,000 views on YouTube. But that’s not the best part!

When I first started the Girl Gone Wild blog I set up a YouTube channel to show my wild swimming videos. (If you didn’t know – hit the YouTube button on the home page!). To be honest I’ve been a bit slack and not paid much attention to it. But recently I received a lovely email from someone who had seen one of the videos. She traced it back to my blog and felt prompted to contact me as a result.

I’ll tell you more about why this email was so important to me later. But for now let’s take a look at what happened with this video. Curious that this email had come to me as a result of a video, I checked my YouTube account. This is when I saw that one of my videos (Wild Swimming at Durdle Door) now has over 20k views! This comes as a total surprise considering some of the other videos only have a few hundred views. So what is it about this particular video that has caught the viewers attention I wonder?

My guess is that there are two main reasons; Firstly, wild swimming has become HUGELY popular this past year, (see previous blog post about this here) and secondly; location, location, location.

Durdle Door is like the jewel in the crown of the Jurassic Coast, and with it being a UNESCO World Heritage site it certainly stands out from the crowd! Maybe people search for it and this comes up in the search results? It’s true I was incredibly lucky to have beautiful weather that day, (check out the blog post about it here). I was also blessed with an empty beach, but that only makes the location look more amazing! It just goes to show that location plays a big factor in what people want to see. Admittedly there are a few “Thumbs Down” clicks but I’m telling myself it’s because there’s no music and not because I look like an idiot. (YouTube banned the track – It was actually one of my own tracks but because I don’t have a licence to use my own music YouTube banned it!!).

But I’m really surprised it’s getting so many views. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to “building an audience” I just enjoy what I do, and hope that others will enjoy reading, watching, listening too. What I am also coming to realise is that sometimes you can do something with no expectation, and that’s the thing that will reward you the most!

You see, the loveliest thing about putting this video out there, is that by being brave and uploading it to the world, it’s making it’s way back to me. That morning of wild happiness that made me feel uplifted has been shared. And it’s been seen by someone who “gets it”.

The email I received from the lady who’d seen the film was such a wonderful surprise. She found my blog as a result of seeing the video and after reading a post she wanted to offer words of support. As someone who also has PTSD and uses cold water therapy to aid trauma recovery, she bravely told me her story and shared the things she does that help her manage life. And what an inspiring story it was! I felt priveliged to hear her words. It made me realise that if receiving ONE email from someone with a connection like hers is what comes of a video I made one September morning of me swimming in the wild, then this is my it is important to carry on. This is my “WHY”!

And what a wonderful thing to know! To know there are people out there who “get it”, and that by putting a little bit of wild out there for someone to see, it finds another wildling. Not everyone will “get it” and that’s OK. My hope is that over time these words, poems, films and creations will make their way out into the world for someone to find. Someone who it resonates with. Someone else who believes in the power of nature to lift us up and help us feel good in ourselves.

Maybe that’s YOU?

Girl Gone Wild xx

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