Hi and Welcome! I’m Rachael. Mum, wife, creator and a girl gone wild in Dorset, UK.

I truly believe in the power of nature to help us with whatever struggles we may be facing. That by connecting with nature, we connect with ourselves. That by finding our wild, we can find a sense of freedom that can help restore and refresh us; providing clarity, creativity and inspiration.

Life has taken me on many adventures; from running away with a circus when I left school, to a career in the music industry as a published singer/songwriter. However, I have battled with my mental health for most of my adult life. I experienced abuse and trauma in my childhood and teens, something I kept hidden for a long time.

It wasn’t until my forties, that I was finally diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Both a shock and a relief, I took the only option available to me. To embark upon a journey of recovery. Alongside therapy I also slowly began to re-wild myself. For the simple reason that the one place I experience respite from my symptoms, is in the wild.

Spending time in nature both nourishes and inspires me. Whether it’s wild swimming, running, walking or simply sitting being mindful of what I can hear, feel, see and smell. Whatever the experience, I am momentarily free.

I continue to seek these moments, and I love to rekindle the experience by responding creatively. Words, poetry, art and music are all part of my self prescribed nature therapy. My journal tells the ponderings and wanderings of a girl gone wild.