I have written poems since I was a child. It is an ongoing attempt to communicate how the world makes me feel. To me, it is a kind of mindfulness. To write a poem is to engage with all the senses and dive deep into that particular moment to find a wild language that can capture it. For this reason I love to I write outside in nature; on the beach, in the woods or on a hill

The book “Seas The Day – A Year of Sea Swimming Poetry” features my poems inspired by the sea and were all written after a swim. They speak of the power of nature and the magic that can happen in cold water.

Lately I have been practicing Haiku. Originating in Japan, it is a 3 line poem of 17 syllables in the 5/7/5 format. It’s theme is Nature and, written in the present tense, it enourages you to be mindful of your surroundings and really connect with what feels important. (see the journal post “Haiku Up A Hill“).

“Summer morning sun
I retreat beneath the trees
A deep breath of shade”

Several of my pieces have been published. They are my love letters to the wild, and though deeply personal I enjoy sharing them in the hope that it will invite the reader to join me in the moment.

“Heavy cloud brewing
Salty drops roll down my cheeks
Heart beating like rain”