Follow your dreams!

Do you have a dream? Something you think about, that you long for? Maybe it’s a place you’d like to go, or a job you’d like to do, or a goal you’d like to reach. Perhaps you dream of having more money, better prospects, more security. Or perhaps you dream of having more freedom, less stress, less worry.

Whatever your dream, I’d like to invite you to try this simple technique. At the end of the post you will also receive a FREE motivational music track.

So, are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin!

Close your eyes, just for a moment, and imagine what your dream looks like to you. Imagine there are no obstacles, no restrictions. Nothing is stopping you. Whatever the dream – imagine it. Indulge in it.

Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How are you feeling?

Just take a few moments to truly experience it. All that it brings you, everything you imagine it to be. Enjoy how this feels.

Now, imagine a passer-by. It could be a person, or an animal, a bird or a butterfly. They are drawn to you. They stop and ask you this question…

“Why are you here?”

What is your answer? Don’t worry if you don’t immediately know, just sit with that for a moment. It may not come easily to you, or it may be clear as crystal. However you respond is exactly right. All you need do is observe what happens as you consider this question, and take note of it.

Consider this;

Why do you want this?

Why is this dream better than your “here and now”?

What does it give you more of? What does it have less of?

I believe that we all have a dream and that this dream is the single most important way of connecting with our self/soul/spirit/essence. Your dream may not even be specific, but it is like the best picture you can draw with your eyes closed. You know roughly what you’d like it to look like, and that’s all you need. Because in visualising it, and understanding WHY you have this dream, this is where it gets interesting. This is how you access your very own “internal compass”, the one that can help you find more joy in life.

I don’t know about you, but for me the dream can change. It will morph into other forms. I have an “end game” dream that resides far off in the future (it involves living in a cabin by open water, somewhere remote, near a forest!). And I have dreams that feel a little nearer to me now. Sometimes it can feel as though they are almost within reach. But sometimes it’s much harder to see. Not because it’s obscure, but because it is painfully clear that “the dream” is a trillion light years away from the here and now. It is tempting to just “shelve it” – bury it deep, and try to forget about it. To self-protect from the pain of yearning and disappointment. But this is where the truth is – this is how we learn..

Bridging the gap between your dream and the reality of now, can feel impossible and unachievable. But what if that gap was made up of paths and challenges that could be navigated? They may be difficult, uncomfortable, painful even. But what if it was just a case of putting one foot in front of the other, and following your internal compass? Trusting that it will lead you through it all?

I’m coming to understand that although dreams can represent SO much, and tell us SO much about our goals and aspirations, they also serve as an important clue. When a dream represents your “ideal situation”, it is essentially providing you with a safe haven, away from the things that you DON’T want. Things that might make you feel sad or angry. Or just don’t suit you. You effectively dream away your frustrations, fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. Your dream, and what it DOESN’T include, can therefore tell you a lot about the obstacles and difficult paths you need to navigate in order to get onto the right path.

This is where the going gets tough. But if you can be honest with yourself, if you can connect with and accept the real truth of WHY you have this dream in the first place, then I believe you are well on your way to finding it.

The simple fact is, no matter how much you try to ignore it; your dream will follow YOU. Wherever you go, whenever you have a moment to pause, it is there. It will whisper to you, it will pester you, keep tapping you on the shoulder until you take notice. Because IT IS YOU, and it is telling you what you need, in order to live your life wholeheartedly.

So how do you begin this epic journey? Well, (spoiler alert) you are already on it! Ever heard that saying “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”? You see “living the dream” and “following the dream” are two different things. I’m not entirely sure we can ever “live the dream”. This is to arrive at the destination after all. But we do hear stories of “dreams coming true”. (My bet is that it’s not the exact same dream that someone imagined though. More that it resembles something close to it).

Perhaps then “Living the dream” is akin to finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But “following the dream” – this is when we commit to the IDEA. The possibility that the pot of gold MIGHT exist. And guess what. We might not find a pot of gold, BUT by looking in that direction, we get something close. We experience the beauty of ALL the colours of the rainbow. Not just gold.(Ok, ok – I got carried away there, but can you see the sweet analogy!?).

Let’s look at it like this – For one reason or another we are all following our own individual path. A route that has taken us this far. This is part of life’s journey, made up of billions of tiny decisions and a handful of HUGE life-changing ones that determine our direction. I mean, nothing can stay still. Each day that passes inevitably moves life forward. For some, this path may have been mapped out from a young age. Maybe you’ve always known what you want, and you’ve done everything in your power to make it happen. Good for you! For others it just kind of unfolds along the way without any real intention. This is perfectly acceptable, either way.

But if you have a feeling that there might be another route, or perhaps you’ve lost your way, perhaps you’ve been a bit distracted by all the things happening around, and you have this niggling feeling you missed a turn somewhere, then I’m guessing this post is resonating.

By having a dream, you have a direction. By practising the technique I invited you to try at the start of this post, this is how you can find your bearings again. By stopping and tuning in to your dream, this is how we consider if we are on the right path. And by reconnecting with your WHY, this is what will motivate you to start bridging the gap between the dream, and the Here and Now.

Remember; Your dream is the best picture you can draw with your eyes closed.

What you want, and what you feel is what encourages you to imagine it. THIS is the bigger picture. THIS is the key to how you follow your dream, and what you need to do (or perhaps NOT do) in order to bridge the gap.

I’m not “living the dream” but I am certainly closer to what my heart truly needs. When I was younger my dream was to become a successful recording artist and tour the world. I was ambitious. I wanted fame and fortune, recognition and praise. I followed that dream, and I became a published singer/songwriter writer; performing and recording with some big names. But I wasn’t truly happy. Looking back at my young, naive self I realise now that I hadn’t asked myself WHY I wanted those things. I wanted rid of my shame, fear and self-loathing, but I had no internal compass to help me navigate those obstacles. Just a dream that I thought would make them go away.

Now I am daring to imagine what it would be like to have a dream that also looks after my mental health. To work for myself, doing something I feel passionate about, while also being kinder to myself and others. My dream is to Write, Coach and Guide others to spend more time in nature, and feel better for it.

But 2 years ago even, this wasn’t my dream. My only motivation then was coming from a place of basic survival instinct. I had no choice but to quit my career and begin a journey of mental health recovery. I’m still recovering, but I’m also reconnecting with what my heart wants. I’m discovering my internal compass.

My self-published book “Seas The Day – A Year of Sea Swimming Poetry” would never have materialised had I not listened to my heart. It may never make it into “all good bookstores”, but it has propelled me along in a new, more wholehearted direction. And by following my dream, I am entering a new chapter in my life story. Compass in hand. After a lot of gentle self enquiry, using the technique I’ve shared with you in this post, I am hearing the answers from the heart. Answers that have been buried so deep, for so long but are now beginning to emerge like little green shoots in Spring!

And guess what? By allowing yourself to dream – by nurturing it, you will begin noticing signs and way markers that you’ve not noticed before. Pathways that might help you go a little further in this new direction. There is no guarantee it will lead you to your “dream”. You may end up somewhere that only slightly resembles the “picture you drew with your eyes closed”. But maybe that’s what it’s all about!???? Maybe if, at the very least, by simply acknowledging you have a dream, and WHY you have one – Then maybe this is all it takes to take you one step closer.

So close your eyes. Picture the place, the feeling, the purpose in life that you wish for.


Now take one step closer.

Whether it’s confiding in a friend, reading a book on a subject that inspires you, enrolling on a part-time course or applying for a new job. No matter how small the step – it will activate your internal compass, and take you one step closer.

Who knows where it will take you…

Girl Gone Wild x

PS I wish you well on your journey. To help you along your way I’d like to gift you some motivational music that I wrote many years ago but still shines for me! Enjoy x



“Follow Your Dreams

And they will shine for you

All is not as it seems

There will be time for you”

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